Best Plants to Grow Indoors for Cleaner Air

There are many people who choose to grow houseplants as a way to purify the air in a space. Moreover, you should know that new carpets and wall paints can release chemicals which pollute indoor air. That’s why some environmental specialists advise us to place in our rooms as many plants as we can. In this article, we have gathered for you some of the best plants to grow indoors for cleaner air.

Aloe vera

This easy-to-grow plant helps clear benzene and formaldehyde, which is a byproduct of chemical-based paints, cleaners and more. You should know that aloe vera actually absorbs carbon dioxide at night and releases oxygen in return. Moreover, beyond its air clearing abilities, this plant has a gel inside which helps heal burns, cuts, sunburns, abrasions and other skin conditions. Maybe you didn’t know, but in the past aloe vera was called the ”plant of immortality” because of its many health benefits. Furthermore, it’s very easy to plant on your own but make sure you keep it in a sunny area, and water it moderately in the summer, spring, and fall.

The spider plant

The spider plant also known as chlorophytum comosum is one of the most adaptable houseplants and the easiest one to grow. It’s recommended to provide it with a well-drained soil, indirect light, and a cooler temperature for it to flourish. To stay in the best shape spider plants also require seasonal pruning. For the best results, cut them back to the base. They are known as airplane plants because they are able to purify indoor air to some degree through their normal photosynthesis processes.

The Boston fern

The Boston fern can remove more formaldehyde than any other plant. This naturally-occurring organic compound is found in some glues, as well adpressed wood products, including furniture and cabinetry.
Moreover, this type of plants is also highly efficient at removing other indoor air pollutants, such as xylene and benzene. If you are thinking about buying a Boston fern, you should feed them weekly in seasons when they are growing and water them regularly. Some scientists said the Boston fern is also one of the best natural humidifiers of all houseplants tested.

The palm trees

Undoubtedly, you should choose a palm tree not just for decorating your home, but also for removing indoor pollutants, especially formaldehyde. Furthermore, you can choose the Dwarf date palm which is one of the best natural air purifiers, or you can try to clean the air with a bamboo palm. It’s good to know that palms like cooler temperatures, so they force you to be energy efficient and lower your thermostat.