DIY Halloween Garden Decorations

Halloween is one of the scariest celebrations that we have. This celebration is especially beloved by children who have the opportunity to wear interesting and strange costumes. Nowadays, plenty of people choose to decorate their houses for Halloween.

Whether you plan on decorating indoors or outdoors, you should get ready for Halloween with some of the scariest decorations which will inspire you to create a mysterious atmosphere in your house. In this article, we have gathered some DYI Halloween garden decorations, in order to help you be more creative.

The carved pumpkin

Everybody knows the pumpkin already is the mascot of Halloween. Moreover, everyone, especially the children want to create their own carved pumpkin for Halloween. As such, if you are thinking about creating a Halloween pumpkin, you must follow some steps. Firstly, you need to buy a pumpkin from a shop. Secondly, you should draw a circle on the top and cut the lid. Take a spoon and scrape the walls until they become very thin. Finally, you can play with your pumpkin and carve its eyes, mouth, and nose. Put a candle inside it and place the pumpkin in the garden. You can repeat this activity and create more pumpkins which can help you illuminate the entire garden.

The floating ghosts

When it comes to Halloween, all children are crazy about ghosts. That’s why you should try to scare all the people around your house and create the most frightening garden by placing plenty of ghosts in your backyard. The first step is to get some white textiles, five or more sticks, depending on how many ghosts you want to create, and five balloons. The next step is to thrust the stick into the ground and to put the balloons on top of the stick. You can use a glue gun for fix them on the top, or you can tie them on the stick. The last step is to cover the balloons with the white textiles and let the wind do its job.

The skeleton

Most people are afraid of skeletons. You should take advantage of this celebration and buy a few skeletons which you can place in your garden. To make them more frightening, you can dress them with some white textiles. Moreover, if you are thinking about buying some skeletons for your garden, make sure you also buy different body parts made of plastic or silicon, such as eyes, arms or feet. You can put them in some pots along the walkways. This way, everybody who will come for trick or treat to collect candies will be pleasantly surprised by this mysterious atmosphere.