Easy Solutions for Small Gardens

With the right design and choices, a small garden can look like paradise. If you have a small garden and you want help to figure out how to make the best out of the available space, you should read the following lines. Here, you will find some easy solutions that will make your garden look exquisite.

Use perspective to make the garden seem bigger

To make your small garden seem bigger than it actually is, you have to use perspective. Create long, straight lines that will trick you into thinking that the garden is bigger. You should slant the end of the lines toward each other to create a focal point as well. This will further increase the illusion of depth. At the end of the lines, you can place a fence that you surround with lovely colored flowers to give the small garden a playful touch.

Use bold, lively colors to brighten the garden

To give your small garden personality and a lively look, use bold, playfully colored plants. The colored flowers will attract your attention, distracting you from the fact that the garden is actually small in size. A combination of yellow, pink, red, and blue flowers is the perfect pattern to go with for creating the playful distraction. Also, the lively colored plants will make for a great view when you sit on your porch in the morning, drinking your coffee and relaxing.

Create depth and dimension by adding special elements

It’s mandatory to add depth and dimension to your small garden with the help of certain special elements if you want to make the best out of this small space. A great element that will surely enhance your senses, creating an expanding effect is a water fountain. The sound of the water will soothe you every time you walk around in the garden, and it will give the small space a Zen touch. Another great element that will add depth and dimension is a statue. If you place it wisely, at the center of the garden, it will attract attention to itself, distracting you from the small surroundings. To make the statue more visible, surround it with lively colored bushes.