Essential Tools that Any Gardener Must Have

In order to have a fresh and vivid garden, you must definitely maintain it properly. For a wonderful result, you need to use the right tools, that will also ease your entire job. Therefore, if this is the goal you want to achieve as well, then you must take a look at the following essential tools that any gardener must have.

Soil knife

A soil knife is necessary, in order to cut with ease through roots, and also for dividing perennials and slicing through sod. Moreover, if you want to remove bonsai plants from pots, then this is the right tool for this sort of job.


As a gardener, you certainly know that the scissors are one of the essential tools that any gardener must have. You can use the scissors for cutting flowers and plants, or for snipping herbs. Gardening scissors are available on the market in many sizes, and it is highly recommended to get more than one.


In a garden, you will need to dig holes, and you can easily do this by using a shovel. Therefore, you will need to get one, in case you do not already own a shovel. If you want to obtain wonderful results, then you should go for a compact shovel that features a long, narrow and curved blade.


You will find on the market a large range of rakes. Each of them is for a certain purpose. If you want to get one that will fit into small and tight spaces, then you should go shrub rake rather than a big fan rake. Hard rakes are more recommended for removing dead leaves and mulch.

Hand weeder

If you want to remove shallow-rooted weeds with ease, then you will need to use a hand weeder. This useful gardening tool features a long handle, which actually lets you reach far into beds. Therefore, if you consider yourself a gardener, then you should own a hand weeder without a doubt.

Water breaker

You will need a water breaker for watering new plantings, and for soaking established ones. All your new plants need a gentle maintenance so that they grow beautifully, and this is why you need to use a gardening tool like this.