Everything You Need to Know about Winter Gardens

When you think about gardening, it’s hard to believe that there might be a possibility to enjoy nature during the winter season. For most gardeners, the activity of planting and taking care of a garden starts in the spring and ends in the fall. Because the winter has unfriendly weather conditions, people believe that it’s almost impossible to have a beautiful garden. But, if you know what to plant and how to decorate your winter garden, you will discover that even during the winter season you can create one of the most interesting places. Read the article below and learn how to maintain your garden during the winter season.

Grasses and Evergreens

In order to create a perfect background, you have to think about grasses and evergreens. They are perfect for winter gardens because they keep their color for a long time and when covered with snow they will make a very beautiful landscape. Make sure that they are meant to blossom in the wintertime and that they will not die when the cold weather arrives.

Colorful plants

There are many plants that can help you add color to the garden and among then we may include:

White Lady Helleborus

This plant emerges from late winter into early spring and we may say that it announces the end of the cold season. It grows 14-18 inches tall and it prefers dark areas of the garden.


Another beautiful plant that is usually grown as a ground cover. It hardly reaches 4 inches tall and it’s better to avoid planting it near other flowers.


The flower is purplish blue in most cases, but in can also be found in shades of rose or white. Also, it can fill large areas rapidly and it grows very dense, therefore you will be able to cover a large area of your garden.


Asters produce a large group of colorful flowers that can surely brighten up a dull winter spot. This annual flower may be red, pink, blue or white and it lasts for a very long time.


Calendula flowers from late fall through spring and has light shades of cream, apricot and yellow. They are a great choice as they will change the entire aspect of the garden.



Since the winter days are short and the natural light is not very intense, you could introduce a soft glow and wrap the tree trunks or branches with different lights. Also, you may place candles wherever you may consider in the garden, for example, to highlight the walkways or along the mow strips. The warm light will give you the impression that winter is not that hostile.


Consider an inside garden

You may also consider creating a place surrounded by glass walls or any other material, especially if you live in an area with harsh winters. This space will allow you to grow the plants easier, by offering them warmer conditions. Also, you could use some led grow lights that will help your plants grow even if they don’t have natural light. You may even grow plants that usually don’t resist in colder weather conditions. The led grow lights can be placed in tight spaces and they are perfect for growing the plants in whatever stage of growth they are.