Gorgeous Plants For The Perfect Summer Garden

When summer comes, nothing compares to sitting in your backyard, admiring your beautiful, colored garden. If you want to have the perfect summer garden, continue to read this article and try out the gorgeous plants shown here.


The coreopsis flower is stunning, to say the least. This simple looking, lively colored flower is the perfect addition to your summer garden. It will attract a lot of attention due to its intense color. Best of all, it will last until fall comes. Therefore, you will be able to enjoy it throughout the whole summer. Also, it isn’t a pretentious flower when it comes to taking care of it.


Marigolds are easy to plant and take care of. These flowers come in a few colors that you can choose from, and it’s best to try out more than one color if you want to create a pleasant aspect for your garden. The best thing to do is to contrast these flowers against other vibrant florals.


Beardtongue is known by the name of snapdragon as well. It’s a partly tube or cone-shaped flower that is ideal for a summer garden. Beardtongue flowers can grow up to 3 feet tall. If you place them near a window or terrace, you will be able to enjoy looking at them even from the interior of your home.


Peonies are summer loving plants that look stunning, to say the least. Also, they have a pleasant fragrance that will make sitting in the garden feel like you’re in heaven. The best part is that this flower can live up to 100 years if you take proper care of it, being able to survive in cold weather as well.


Daffodils are a definite must-have in any summer garden. These flowers start blooming in the spring, and they can last into summer if you take proper care of them. They come in white and yellow.


The plumeria tree is most commonly seen in tropical or subtropical regions. This tree delivers magnificent clusters of red, white, purple, pink, and yellow flowers. Therefore, make sure that you plant at least a plumeria tree in your garden to give it an exotic touch.