Hidden Outdoor Security Solutions for Your Home

Do you want to make sure you and your family are safe in your own house? If so, then it is highly recommended to go for some hidden outdoor security solutions for your home. By doing so, you will definitely catch any burglar that tries to enter your home. Here are some of these clever solutions.

Audio 720P HD 1.0MP hidden lights, waterproof outdoor IP security camera

A hidden outdoor security camera is a wonderful idea, which you should confidently put into practice. The camera features an infrared technology, a viewing angle of 85-degree, 4mm lens, and 720P high definition so that the images you will receive are clear and very sharp. Even the smallest detail will be captured, which is exactly what you need in order to catch the intruder, in case there is any suspicious activity. This wonderful idea of hiding the camera inside a lighting item is absolutely fantastic. You can either place it in the backyard, or you could mount it on the front door wall. By doing so, you can actually monitor the activity on your street as well. The supported operating systems are: Windows XP, Windows 98, and Windows Vista, and the supported mobile systems are: Android and iPhone OS. All in all, Audio 720P HD 1.0MP hidden lights waterproof outdoor IP security camera is certainly one of the best choices anyone could make, in terms of outdoor home security cameras.

Xtreme Life WiFi-plant indoor hidden camera

It is highly recommended to have not only an outdoor hidden security camera but an outdoor one as well. Xtreme Life WiFi plant indoor hidden camera is a good choice due to the fact that it is definitely very hard to guess that there could be hidden, a security camera. The security camera is a quality one, with a high definition 1280 x 720 resolution, and a 14-degree field of view. Furthermore, you will be able to stream the videos live on any device that it is connected to the internet. What makes this product stand out from the crowd is the battery. The device can record up to 8 hours, continuously, and it has 90-day standby life.

Danalock V2 BTZU125 smart door lock

If you want to highly protect your home from intruders, then you must definitely go for Danalock V2 BTZU125 smart lock. This unit will give you peace of mind, especially when you leave your home for several days. This door lock uses Bluetooth and Z-Wave as well, and this is something that not too many devices of this type have. It is considered one of the best hidden outdoor security solutions for your home, due to the fact that it looks like a regular door lock, but it actually does lots of things. Danalock’s software uses heavy encryption, in order to provide you a high protection against hackers. You can connect the unit to a smart home system, and by doing so, you can monitor who is entering and who is leaving your home. Moreover, you will know if someone uses a key. There are available some optional accessories such as a key fob, keypad, and garage door controller. Keep in mind that not too many devices in this category provide a garage door controller as well. With Danalock V2 BTZU125 smart lock, you and your family will be extremely safe.