Mediterranean Garden Designs

How can a boring and common garden be transformed into an amazing one? It is very simple, and the only thing you need to do is to follow the right steps that will lead you to the desired result. Mediterranean style is highly recommended if you want the whole landscape to look fresh and vivid. Therefore, take your inspiration from the following Mediterranean garden designs.

Build a small round fountain

Fountains are very common in this type of gardens. They add charm and mystery, and this is what you need to bring into your garden as well. Therefore, depending on the space you have, you can either build a small or a big one. You can build the fountain in the center of your garden and beautifully surrounded it with greenery. Go for different plants, and trees as well. In this picture, the owner has chosen some potted plants and flowers as well. You can do the same, in order to make the whole landscaping look amazing. Choose stone, in order to have an amazing Mediterranean fountain.

Add color to the entire landscape

If you want to create a Mediterranean garden, then you must not forget to add color. Make the entire place a colorful one, which will bring you peace and joy. Therefore, opt for colorful plants and flowers, similar to the ones in this photo. You must also place some terra cotta pots, which are extremely common in this type of gardens. You can place them just like some decorations, or you could make them extremely useful by planting inside them some flowers or plants. You can do this only as long as your pots are quite small.

Make the whole place look spectacular

You can easily make the whole place look spectacular by mixing lots of different plants, like in this photo. Furthermore, you can also go for climbing plants, which will look amazing on your house. Again, you should not forget about building a fountain as well, if space allows you. Another thing you can do in order to make your garden look 100% Mediterranean, is to add some bocce ball courts, Roman columns, and statuary. Herbs are also recommended, and you should plant some of them as well. All these Mediterranean garden designs will definitely help you understand what are the icons of this type of garden, and therefore, achieve your goal with ease.