Minimalist Garden Decor Ideas

Minimalist gardens are all about style and simplicity, offering decluttered space that you can enjoy when you want to unwind and relax. These gardens follow the trends of interior design, and they shy away from clutter. If you want to find out some great decor ideas for a minimalist garden, continue to read this article.

Create a path to the seating area where you drink your coffee

The minimalistic garden can be seen as a decluttered house, offering space that works for your lifestyle. To stay true to the idea of a minimalist garden, you have to create a place where you can relax, sit with your friends and talk, or drink your coffee in the morning in peace. Therefore, you must place a small coffee table, a couch, and some chairs, like it’s shown in the picture above. Of course, you must create a path to the seating area from planks as you can see in the garden shown above.

Add a small pond surrounded by rocks

Water is an important element of the minimalist garden, offering a calming effect on the environment. There are people who prefer water fountains, but we recommend that you add a pond. Unlike a water fountain, the pond doesn’t make any distracting sounds. Also, if you place it next to the area where you have set the table and the chairs, you can admire the reflective qualities of the pond in peace when you drink your coffee. Therefore, make sure that you don’t skip on this decorative element to have a truly peaceful and relaxing garden.

Limit the plant palette

In the minimalist garden, the need for plants is reduced. Therefore, you will have to limit yourself when it comes to the plants that you place in the garden. But plants have a key role as well, softening the design and bringing relief to the garden, so you can’t completely skip on them. The best thing to do is to limit yourself to no more than 3 different species of plants in the minimalist garden. A popular choice for this type of garden is the boxwood plant, the evergreen foliage that it provides year round creating a spectacular view. Also, the simplicity of this plant adds style to the garden, and it doesn’t distract from the other decorative elements.