Simple Tricks for Dealing with the Snow in Your Yard

In areas that experience heavy snowfall, winter wreaks havoc on yards. If you live in an area that experiences heavy snow and you want to learn how to deal with it to protect your yard, continue to read this article and apply the simple tricks that you find here.

Sweep the shrubs and the plants

When ice and snow start to gather up on the plants and shrubs in your yard, you should gently sweep them with a broom in an upward movement. This action will loosen the snow, making it fall off the plants and shrubs to the ground, relieving the unnecessary pressure that has been put on them. Make sure that you sweep the snow when there is less of it on the plants and shrubs. Otherwise, it will be harder for you to perform this task, and you will harm the plants by waiting and allowing a large amount of weight to sit on them for too long.

Blow the snow away

In case you are dealing with light snow, you can use the leaf blower to remove the snow that gathers on the plants and shrubs in your yard. After all, just because it’s called a leaf blower doesn’t mean that it can’t be useful in more than one situation. Therefore, if you want to clear the snow that continuously gathers on the plants in your yard, you can easily and effortlessly get rid of it with the leaf blower.

Use the Snow Joe SJ624E electric snow blower to finish clearing the snow fast

The easiest way to deal with the snow that covers your yard is to clear it with the Snow Joe SJ624E electric snow blower. It comes at the affordable price of $270. Due to the fact that it’s an electric snow blower, it’s an Eco-friendly choice to go with that is easy to maintain and start. It features a powerful 14 AMP motor that is capable of moving up to 730 pounds of snow per minute. It can deal with snow as deep as 11.8 inches. The 21-inch cutting path allows you to finish fast with clearing the snow that has gathered in your yard. It features an 180-degree adjustable chute that can throw the snow up to 20 feet away. In addition, the fact that it weighs only 34.6 pounds and that it features easy-glide wheels make it easy for you to turn and maneuver this snow blower.