Unique Garden Designs

A good garden design can improve your curb appeal and can increase the value of your house, not to mention that it contributes to your good image. If you don’t want to stick to the plain and boring plants, trees, and alleys, you can try something different and make your garden look really unique. Our garden design ideas could be helpful in your pursuit for unique garden designs.

Color tones

Get creative with this garden design that resembles serenity and a calming feeling. The lavender hue on the walls match the flowers of the plants and create a stunning visual impact. This design is perfect if you want to create a centerpiece in your garden and you want to use colors. Contrast the light purple tone with some metallic details and you will have a unique garden design.

Oriental accents

This garden design has some oriental influences that make it elegant and comfortable at the same time. The water fountain makes you think of an Arabic garden, as well as the beautiful and imposing armchairs with rough iron frames. The tiles on the ground, the pattern on the coffee table’s base, and the ceramic flower pots strengthen the oriental feeling of this garden.

Modern details

If you prefer a more modern design, try to combine stylish and contemporary elements like stone and glass into a design that looks futuristic. The details used in creating this garden add that touch of modernism that young people like, so it’s a great design for a garden of a young couple. It’s low maintenance, given the lawn and the few plants, so it will be very easy to take care of.

Relaxation garden

If you like to relax more than you like gardening, consider covering the garden in stone slabs that offer it an elegant and sophisticated look. Complete the idea with a hot tub, a nice stone fire pit, and some wooden chairs and you will have your perfect relaxation area. Add some greenery at the back but limit the plants to some elegant and beautiful ones that will complement the design.

A personal touch

If you have an old car that you can’t manage to let go because you are strongly connected to it, you can turn it into a stunning garden decoration. It will take a lot of time, work, and dedication, but you can manage to make it look like a part of the garden by growing plants all over it. Surround it with many other plants and you will have a gorgeous masterpiece in your garden.